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Plastic tubing PUN-H PUN-H-DUO

Flexible and hydrolysis-resistant tubing with standard O.D. in various colours in single or double tubing design

  • Polyurethane
  • High resistance to microbes and hydrolysis
  • Food grade
  • Suitable for use with energy chains
  • Cleanroom compatible combination with click fitting NPKA
  • Also available as DUO plastic tubing
  • Operating medium: compressed air, vacuum, water
  • Highly resistant to microbes and hydrolysis
  • Suitable for use in the food industry
  • Outside diameter: 2 … 16 mm
  • Internal diameter: 2.1 … 11 mm
  • Temperature-dependent operating pressure: -0.95 … 10 bar
  • Ambient temperature: -35 … 60° C
  • Operating medium
  • Compressed air

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  • O.D. pneumatic tubing is the current standard in pneumatics. In this category, you will find suitable tubing for all current fittings (such as QS, NPQM, NPQH etc.). For standard O.D. tubing, the outside diameter of the tube is specified as the tube size.
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