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Authorized Dealer of FESTO / Pneumatic and Electrical Automation
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Linear drive with displacement encoder DGCI

Positioning drive with eccentric sealing system for practically leakage-free long strokes without restrictions and with displacement encoders using the non-contact measuring method.

  • With guide
  • With displacement encoder for absolute, contactless measurement
  • Suitable for servo-pneumatic applications with axis controller CPX-CMAX, end-position controller CPX-CMPX or SPC11 and measuring module CPX-CMIX
  • Choice of supply ports on end face or front


  • Festo offers both rotary and linear drives with a displacement encoder. The displacement encoder is part of the controlled systems – it supplies the actual value with the current position. Potentiometers or contactless displacement encoders are used. The displacement encoders are integrated in many pneumatic drives.
  • Alternatively, they can also be attached to the drive. The cylinder diameters vary from 18 to 100 mm, the stroke lengths from 100 to 2,000 mm.
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