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Authorized Dealer of FESTO / Pneumatic and Electrical Automation
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Displacement encoder MME-MTS-TLF

  • Measuring principle: magnetostrictive
  • Contactless with absolute measurement
  • High travel speed
  • System product for servo-pneumatic positioning technology and Soft Stop
  • Degree of protection IP65


  • Position sensors are basically position transmitters that are used universally.
    In addition, complex or programmable solutions are available as position sensors, and can only be used for the drives for which they have been optimised.
  • Another product segment are encoders. They are required predominantly for servo-pneumatics and are used with certain servo-pneumatic closed-loop controllers.
  • Position transmitters are used for the analogue feedback of the piston movement in a specific sensing range in applications such as pressing in, screwing, clamping, detecting good/reject parts etc. They are able to detect the magnetic field of the piston magnet within a wide range and evaluate it with high position accuracy. The information is provided as a standardised 0–10 V, 4–20 mA analogue signal or via IO-Link®. In addition, the devices offer programming options for the preliminary evaluation of the signal information directly in the transmitter.
  • The strength of the piston’s magnetic field and the sensor slot geometry are not standardised in the market. Both can be freely selected by any cylinder manufacturer
  • Festo develops both cylinders and cylinder sensors and can therefore safely and reliably design the cylinder sensors for its own drives.
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