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Flow sensor SFAH

The highly flexible SFAH monitors the flow rate of compressed air and non-corrosive gases. Its compact design (20 x 58 mm), numerous installation options and space-saving adjustable QS elbow connections make it particularly suitable for many industry sectors.

  • Process air, compressed air, forming gas consumption and pneumatic object monitoring, handling ultra-small parts, leak test
  • Compact design 20×58 mm
  • Clear 2-line display
  • Mounting: H-rail mounting, wall or surface mounting, front panel mounting
  • Serial communication integrated using IO-Link® 1.1
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  • Flow sensors measure the flow rate of liquid or gaseous media. They are used to monitor the volume or mass flow rate of a medium through a control system.
  • Simple transmitters, so-called flow transmitters, map the physical measured variable to an electrical signal.
  • The majority of flow sensors provide digital switching outputs or even digital and analogue outputs.
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