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Flow sensor SFAW

Simple monitoring with the flow sensor SFAW as it measures the flow rate, consumption and temperature of liquid media. Its easy operation and easily readable display make the SFAW highly reliable.

  • Cooling circuit monitoring, leakage or line break monitoring, process water monitoring, fill level monitoring
  • Input connection: clamped terminal connection DN15, DN20, barbed hose fitting 13 mm, female thread G1/2, G3/4, G1, user-specific connection
  • With optional integrated temperature sensor
  • Connection to higher-level systems via 2 switching outputs, an analogue output and/or an IO-Link® interface
  • Certification: RCM, c UL us Listed (OL)
  • Rotatable display, 90° anticlockwise and 180° clockwise
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  • Flow sensors measure the flow rate of liquid or gaseous media. They are used to monitor the volume or mass flow rate of a medium through a control system.
  • Simple transmitters, so-called flow transmitters, map the physical measured variable to an electrical signal.
  • The majority of flow sensors provide digital switching outputs or even digital and analogue outputs.
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