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Pressure regulator MS-LR-B

  • Grid dimension 25, 40, 62 mm
  • Competitively priced basic component focused on the most important technical functions
  • Lightweight and sturdy thanks to modern polymer materials
  • Compatible with the MS series for the ideal combination of low-cost basic functionality and high-end functional requirements
  • Stabile control response
  • With or without pressure gauge
  • Rotary knob with latch
  • With integrated secondary exhausting and primary exhausting with return flow function
  • MS2: Directly actuated diaphragm regulator
  • MS4, MS6: Directly actuated piston regulator


MS series and D series polymer

  • The MS series provides the widest range of compressed air regulators. They are ideal for every application and offer a high flow rate performance with very good control characteristics and a low hysteresis. A return flow function and secondary exhaust are integrated as standard in the MS series. It is available in four sizes and can be selected with a mechanical pressure gauge, or with a pressure sensor with and without a display for monitoring via the system control.
  • The regulators of the MS series can be integrated as modules in service units thanks to the simple modular system of the MS series.
  • The block-mountable product versions with compressed air supply through-feed enable independent pressure ranges to be controlled simultaneously.
  • They can also be configured for use in potentially explosive areas of zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 as well as with UL approval.
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