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Media separated solenoid valve VYKA

With a width of just 7 mm (NW 1.2 mm), VYKA controls very small volumes of fluid (µl, ml) with high precision, even aggressive fluids. The holding current reduction of the plug-in E-box VAVE prevents heating of sensitive media.

  • Compact width of 7 mm
  • Maximum performance and precision in the smallest of spaces
  • High flow rate with small size
  • Very easy to clean thanks to media separation
  • Low media consumption thanks to small internal volume
  • FDA-listed materials
  • High-quality materials, therefore also suitable for aggressive media
  • High repetition accuracy, switching frequency and precision, therefore also suitable for extremely small volumes and dosing tasks
  • Very flexible in use thanks to 3/2-way and 2/2-way variants as well as 12 … 26 V DC control
  • Optionally with slide-on E-box VAVE-K1 with holding current reduction as accessory
  • Developed according to ISO 13485
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