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Authorized Dealer of FESTO / Pneumatic and Electrical Automation
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End position controller CPX-CMPX-C-1-H1

  • End positions with 2 additional, freely selectable intermediate positions
  • Electronic end-position control for pneumatic drives
  • Soft-stop for gentle deceleration and fast acceleration
  • Use with all fieldbuses available for CPX/Ethernet
  • and controllers FEC
  • Simple commissioning, Festo plug & work®
  • Travel times and air consumption roughly 30% less than comparable standard pneumatics
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  • Festo’s product range includes two servo-pneumatic axis controllers. The Soft Stop CPX-CMPX offers fast travel between the cylinder’s mechanical end stops, moving gently and without impact into the end position. In addition, two freely programmable mid-positions are available. It is commissioned quickly using an operating panel, fieldbus or handheld terminal.
  • The position controller CPX-CMAX is designed for the simple servo-pneumatic control of various linear or rotary pneumatic drive series. The CPX-CMAX is a position and force control module of the modular electrical terminal CPX.
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