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Pressure sensor SPAW

For hydraulic and pneumatic applications: the compact pressure sensor SPAW has 9 measuring ranges from −1 … 1 and 0 … 100 bar. Suitable for all media, such as water, coolants or gases, that don’t corrode the stainless steel housing and the measuring element.

  • Extremely sturdy
  • For liquid and gaseous media
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the switching outputs using three pushbuttons
  • Optimal legibility: display housing rotatable 320°, display at an angle of 45°


  • Pressure and vacuum sensors measure the pressure applied at the pressure input of the sensor.
  • A pressure measuring cell integrated in the sensor compares the overpressure or low pressure applied to the sensor with the prevailing ambient pressure (relative pressure measuring cell) and outputs it as an electrical signal.
  • A pressure or vacuum sensor often detects whether an applied low pressure is above or below a specific threshold and outputs this information as a binary, electrical signal. However, the electrical output can also be provided as an analogue signal proportional to the applied pressure.
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