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Authorized Dealer of FESTO / Pneumatic and Electrical Automation
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Linear gantry EXCT

With 90 picks/min, the high-speed-picker EXCT is incredibly efficient. The most dynamic and energy-efficient alternative to conventional serial solutions, it boasts a single-belt kinematic system that greatly reduces dead weight – a benefit that certainly pays off.

  • Short cycle times thanks to high dynamic response
  • Perfectly matched drive and controller package for quick commissioning
  • Especially economical due to the low moving dead weight
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  • These are ready-to-install Cartesian robots for multi-dimensional movements, based on Festo linear and slide drives or parallel kinematic systems. A precise solution is available for every application, from extremely small to sturdy and highly dynamic handling systems. Linear, planar surface and three-dimensional gantries enable free positioning within a linear range up to a three-dimensional space. Matching stepper and servo motors, motor controllers and an integrated energy supply concept provide a reliable, ready-to-install solution. Supported by innovative software solutions for engineering and configuration, the handling systems can be designed online and put into operation efficiently in just a few minutes based on your application data.
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